Friday, April 30, 2010


We are looking for host for our International Students. We have several current students that will need new host families and also a couple of new students that we would like to be able to place with families. Take a look at the short bios below to see if you think one of these amazing kids would be a good fit with your family.

June is from South Korea and has been at CMH for 2 years. She is a sweet, bright young lady that will certainly bring laughter with her into your home. She loves music and plays the piano. June loves to be a part of family activities and try new things. She is described by her family as “full of life and curious about all the things surrounding her, especially in social and political issues. She understands people’s feelings well and responds to the needs of people.” June is part of the Nacel Open Door program that places Korean students in private, college preparatory schools in the US for their high school career. Their hope is to be able to attend college in the US after they graduate.

Kiara is also from South Korea and is just finishing her first year at CMH. Kiara loves to try new activities and learn new sports. She loves music and plays the flute, saxophone and piano. She also loves animals and would be happy in a home with pets. Kiara is also a part of Nacel Open Door and when asked what positive contribution she can bring to her host family she replied “I don’t think that I have to be treated special or as a guest of the family, I just want to be part of the family. Also, I will study hard as to fulfill all responsibilities as a student so that the school can be proud for having me.”

Mariela is from Peru and has been at CMH for 2 years. She came to us under rather remarkable circumstances and has thrived in this environment. Mariela was living in an orphanage in Peru before coming to the US, she is thrilled to have been given this opportunity to live and study in the United States. She is looking for a host family that has teenagers and will welcome her into their family. She is a delightful young lady that has much to offer her host family. Mariela is very bright and earns exceptional grades; her goal is to be able to attend a college or university in the US.

Dana is from the Slovac Republic and is looking forward to experiencing life in the United States and Catholic Memorial. She enjoys music and drama and also a variety of sports. Dana has a strong Catholic faith and is very active in her church community. The main reason she applied to Global Outreach is “I would have a chance to learn more about American Christian life and church activities in U.S.A. communities and be member of that. For me it is a chance to change myself, to improve my relationship with God, my friends and family.”

Angelo is a 17 year old young man from Italy. He is looking forward to spending a year in the US to learn more about our culture and customs. He is a hard working student that does well in school and also enjoys many different types of activities. He loves sports, music, movies and traveling. He is also a part time DJ. Angelo is part of the AFS program and would be here for the school year.

We also have the opportunity to host another student from South Korea that would be a part of Nacel Open Door. This student would either be a freshman or a sophomore and depending on the host family we will request either a female or a male student.

I hope you will consider hosting one of these great kids. Opening your home to an International Student can be very exciting and rewarding. You will find that this student becomes a part of your family and shares so many wonderful gifts with your family and our school community.

If you would like more information about any of these students or the programs that sponsor them, please contact Mary Hutchens in the Office of Admissions; 262-742-7101, ext 204 or

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