Monday, April 26, 2010

Senior Retreat, past and present.

Some pictures from this years retreat with the theme, "Today is the First Day, of the Rest of Your Life!"

And now, some memories from the past shared through my Facebook page --

Dan, ’98 -- "I remember it was awesome and inspirational.”

Carol, ’74 -- "I still have the polonka (letter of love as I call it!) that my father gave me while on my senior retreat in 1974. I take it out every once in a while and remember the great times I had at Catholic Memorial and thank God that I still have my father with me."

Melissa, ’89 -- "I too still have my polonka... it was from a really good friend back then, who is now my husband :)"

Rachael, ’98 -- "It was fun, and a great time to meet new people (even though you were sharing the same school for almost 4 years)."

Theresa, ’86 -- "I remember waking up the girls' track team and doing training on the drive before breakfast!"

Patty, ’84 -- "One of the most precious memories in my life. I cherish it as much today as i did WAY back then! So glad it's a continued event! My best to the class of 2010!"

Jennifer, ’91 -- "Senior retreat rocked! The sense of unity we all felt when we left was the best way to end our year!"

Charlie, ’94 -- "Reading over the polonkas from my 1994 senior retreat helped me overcome a heartbreak-induced funk several years later. So many people said so many nice things—including some people who I barely even remembered."

Denise, ’83 -- “Four hours of sleep over the duration and leaving with a sense of unity. An amazing experience.”

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