Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pooch's pride and his character...

Sorry, no pictures of the pinky.

from today's Waukesha Freeman, by Daniel Mike --

Catholic Memorial senior Austin Pucylowski came down with a rebound early in the third quarter of the Division 2 title game and things didn’t feel right.

“I saw a picture of it. I had the ball, and you can see my finger sideways,” Pucylowski said.

The center had dislocated his right pinky and realized he probably shouldn’t be on the court as his finger wasn’t pointing the right direction.

“After I passed it off after the rebound, I was just like ‘Oh, that’s really cool, except I should really get that checked out,’” Pucylowski said. “So I told the ref.”

Time was stopped, and Pucylowski went to the bench to get the finger put back into place.

“I looked at it and I was like, ‘Oh,’” CMH coach Dean Bellanti said. “The thing that surprised me was how impressed he was with it. He had to show everyone behind us.

“He’s a character.”

Pucylowski had the finger popped back into place and was on the court minutes later.

“That picture will probably be framed at Pooch’s house,” Bray said.

• • •

Pucylowski used the injured finger as an excuse to get out of shooting two free throws late in the game.

He wouldn’t have minded shooting the free throws, but he saw that senior Sean Harvey was waiting to check in and wanted his teammate to put some points on the board.

“Sean Harvey tore his (anterior cruciate ligament) at the beginning of the season; he didn’t even have one practice,” Pucylowski said. “I saw him coming in, I was hoping that it was for me, so I just faked it because I wanted him to have some points, especially in the state game.

“I tried, but he subbed in before I could sub out.”

Harvey tore his right ACL in a summer league tournament. He was just cleared to run and jump a week ago.

“I can’t cut, so I couldn’t really get in a real game,” Harvey said. “(Pucylowski) wanted me to get those free throws, but the ref said I didn’t get in. I went in for T.J. at first, but they wouldn’t let me switch.”

Senior Mitch Schultz made the free throws.

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