Friday, January 22, 2010

March day begins...

The CMH March for Life Pilgrimage group arrived at their Washington, DC hotel at about 9pm last night. The hotel they are at is a hub for MfL activities, and after a late dinner of delivered pizza, they had a chance to attend activities ranging from late night prayer vigils to a Rock for Life concert. Most chose to go to bed. Today's wake-up call was 5:30am.

Time enough to get ready, get something to eat, and then head off to the Verizon Center to join with over 22,000 other young Catholics for a Rally, Rosary, and Mass before the March. Unfortunately, our group tickets are for the seats up in the rafters, but the spirit and excitement are great no matter where your seats are.

Admission moment -- I won't be up in the rafters, I will be down on the main floor, next to the stage, with the priests concelebrating the mass.

Look for us on the news, we have a nice and big CMH Pro-Life Club banner.

Keep us in prayer,

Fr. Paul

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