Thursday, January 21, 2010

CMH Mothers Club

I spent some time last night at the regular meeting of the CMH Mothers Club. This is always a great group to be with as they are extremely active in the CMH community in so many ways. We should be thankful for all that they do for CMH.

I asked their help on a few things -- Crusader Fund and Auction, monitoring Facebook, and dress code adherence for school days and for dances.

I was asked to give the opening prayer, so I used as the basis of it this Prayer for the Invention of St. Monica, Patron of Mothers:

Exemplary Mother of the great Augustine, you perseveringly pursued your wayward son not with wild threats but with prayerful cries to heaven. Intercede for all mothers in our day so that they may learn to draw their children to God. Teach them how to remain close to their children, even the prodigal sons and daughters who have sadly gone astray. Amen.

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