Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why the Drama One Act did so well.

from Director Chris Andacht --

While there is no official Top Show of the Weekend award at the WHSFA State Theatre Festival, the fact remains that it was our judges who felt that it was the top show that they had seen all weekend (we received the same comment for this show at both the District and Sectional levels as well) and that statement was given to us in our oral debriefing, just as has been the case for the past two years. In fact, the oral evaluator for CMH (who has been involved in high school theatre for over 35 years as both director and evaluator) told us that our physical connections and in the moment acting our students delivered was the best that she has seen – EVER – in all her time as a director and evaluator.

The fact is that CMH, since 2002, has won 27 individual outstanding acting awards (no other high school in Wisconsin comes close to this total). There were 44 schools and 22 acting awards this year. The average per school is .5 a year. Over the same 8 years (from 2002-today) a good school at State, on average, would receive 4 awards over that same time period. Catholic Memorial’s total number of acting awards speaks to the outstanding level of in the moment acting that CMH drama students achieve.

Catholic Memorial has also received a Critics’ Choice award in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009, and only one other school in Wisconsin (Appleton North HS, an outstanding program!) can claim that same distinction at the State Theatre Festival. In addition, Mr. Larry Silverberg, the author of The Sanford Meisner Approach Workbook Series, who is a world-renowned actor, director, and teacher of the Meisner Approach, had the following to say after working with our program last year, “Catholic Memorial High School has an outstanding program! The work Chris Andacht is doing at CMH is an inspiration! The rewards his students are receiving will last a lifetime.”

Although there is no official “Top Show of the Weekend” award, Catholic Memorial’s total of 6 awards: Critics’ Choice, Outstanding Ensemble Acting, Outstanding Directing, and 3 Outstanding Acting awards, was the greatest total that any show was awarded this year and you could certainly argue that the total amount of awards would make it the top show of the weekend. Congratulations to the Catholic Memorial cast and crew of The Crucible!

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