Friday, November 20, 2009

More on the CMH Haunted House

First, a blurb in today's Waukesha Freeman.

And, from the Haunted House parent advisers --

Haunted House a Huge Success

The walls have come down, the costumes put away, the fake blood wiped up and the cob webs removed. The old convent sits dormant once again until fall rolls around and preparations begin for another Haunted House. This year’s festivities were a tremendous success. On Wednesday, November 18th, JC Petersen and Paige Sutherland presented Habitat for Humanity of Waukesha County a check for $5,000.00. The gentlemen receiving the donation were speechless and humbled by the generosity of the CMH community.

This year’s Haunted House was open for four nights. Over 80 students participated and turned the building on the corner into a frightening display of zombies, monsters, spiders, butchers and so much more. When all was said and done, just over 1200 people went through the house – some more than once! St. Joe’s Middle School sent over the entire 6th grade class to go through one afternoon; giving our actors a practice run before opening night.

Our thanks go out to so many in our school community who did so much to help make this happen. We thank you for the donations of props, food for concessions, costumes, lights, extension cords, time and patience. We thank Patti Pavlic Bohne (CMH '91) and Olive Promotions for the generous donation of the Haunted House t-shirts, allowing us to raise additional funds for our cause. While we can’t thank everyone by name in this publication, please know that we sincerely appreciate your support of the students and their efforts.

Until next year…

Joli Krismer
Michele Campbell
Mary McNulty

Congratulations and thanks to all of the organizers, actors, and participants. Barring the surprise of a multi-million dollar donation for the restoration of the convent, let's plan on make next year even bigger, better, and scarier!

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