Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What if CMH were 60%er's instead of 97%

Recall last week's posting about CMH's composite ACT score being 24.9 with 97% of our students taking the test. This far outstripped the 24.4 composite at our closest, public school competitors. I also noted that, from the numbers indicated in the Waukesha Freeman article, it is likely that the public school districts only have 60-70% of their students even taking the ACT.

So, some people have logically asked -- What if CMH only encouraged it's top 60-70% of students to take the test?

Well, we crunched the numbers! If only our top 70% of scores are counted, the CMH ACT composite would be 26.9; if the top 65% - 27.2; in only the top 60% - 27.5!

Two points are worth making - 1) If we wanted to inflate our composite, wouldn't that make for a better apples to apples comparison of the schools?

2) What's better for a school to tout - an artificially inflated composite score, or the fact that we at CMH bring along almost every student to the point of exceeding the rest of the communities best performances?

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