Friday, August 21, 2009

Team Building Event Goes Off Course

Trust me, it is not as bad as it sounds...
Denis Sullivan Off Course
By Elizabeth Braun, Lauren Leamanczyk
MILWAUKEE - The Denis Sullivan was coming in from a 2-hour cruise Thursday when wind gusts started to cause a problem. To be safe, the Coast Guard and Milwaukee Police had to take 50 passengers off the 137-foot re-creation of a 19th century Great Lakes schooner.

The passengers were lowered from the tall ship onto Coast Guard boats. Among the groups onboard were some special needs passengers and the Catholic Memorial High School volleyball team.

The boat was pulling in to it's dock at the Discovery World facility when wind gusts started blowing it toward the rocks. The captain was afraid he'd damage the boat if he tried to steer away, so instead he just stopped. At that point, authorities came to help passengers get to land. No one was hurt and the Denis Sullivan wasn't damaged.
All of our girl's volleyball team members are safe, and yes, they are closer as a team than before the trip. But rumor has it that Coach Schulte now has the nickname "Gilligan".

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