Thursday, August 20, 2009

Numbers to remember -- 24.9 & 97

An article in today's Waukesha Freeman about the composite ACT scores for Waukesha County School Districts, did not include reporting on any of the county's private schools.

Here are the reported composites as listed in the paper --

Arrowhead 24.4
Elmbrook 24.4
Kettle Moraine 24.3
New Berlin 24.2
Muskego – Norway 23.5
Mukwonago 23.4
Hamilton 23.2
Pewaukee 23.1
Menomonee Falls 22.5
Waukesha 22.8
Oconomowoc 22.3
Palmyra – Eagle 22.3

What is CMH's composite ACT score for the same period?


Not only is that number fantastic in and of itself, but it comes with over 97% of our students taking the ACT exams. For comparison purposes, the article lists the number of test takers in two of the school districts, Kettle Moraine (272) and Oconomowoc (227). While specific percentages are not reported, if the class involved is approximately one quarter of the school's total enrollment, that would mean that at these public schools only about 65 - 75% of the students even take the ACT. Imagine what the composite would be if, like CMH, virtually every student was encouraged to participate and be evaluated in this way.

So, remember those numbers...

24.9 as an ACT composite which exceeds every public school district in the area.
97% of our kids, probably more than any other high school, with the help of many great and devoted faculty and staff, are a part of that very successful achievement.

We have much to be proud of CMH!

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