Tuesday, July 14, 2009

CMH Students Head to Work Camps

In yesterday's Beaufort, SC Gazette:

Through their parishes and other community organizations, many CMH students will be taking time during this summer vacation to travel with other youth to the many Catholic work camp opportunities. Pictured above, CMH Sophomore Sarah Voors works on rehabbing a home in South Carolina. Sarah made her camp trip through St. Leonard's Parish in Muskego. Also making that trip were:
Karl Kallio -- Senior
Kasey Kallio -- Freshman
Vince Klain -- Sophomore
Katie Knueppel -- Sophomore
Michael Knueppel -- Senior
Theresa Voors -- CMH Alumni '06, a chaperone
Nicole Welsh -- Sophomore
I know of a CMH sponsored group going to Panama, and students going to Guatemala, South Dakota, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
Let me know about other groups of CMH kids, where they went, and send me some pictures.
Great work!

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