Wednesday, July 8, 2009

45 CMH Grads Earn IB Diplomas

CMH Press Release

Forty-five students from Catholic Memorial High School (listed below) continued to uphold the school’s highest academic traditions and added one of the most prestigious academic honors to their list of accomplishments this week when the International Baccalaureate Program of Geneva, Switzerland announced that these CMH students have earned the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

Assessment of the IB Diploma Program is rigorous. Students take written examinations, which are evaluated by a community of external examiners from all over the world. Student assessment is a measurement against pre-specified criteria based on the aims and objectives of each, course specific college-level curriculum. This approach, along with the combination of international awareness with compulsory curriculum breadth and depth, makes the IB assessment unique.

The International Baccalaureate Organization has seen enormous growth since the inception of the Diploma Program in 1968. The founders of the IB Diploma Program were an international group of teachers who believed that education should encourage an understanding and appreciation of other cultures, languages, and points of view. What began as a pilot program for seven international schools became three programs of education taught across more than 2,300 government-run and private schools worldwide. Today there are more than 600,000 students studying IB programs across 128 countries.

Catholic Memorial students continue to excel in this challenging, college-preparatory program. Remarkably, CMH students exceeded the worldwide average for the IB test scores by fourteen percentage points. In addition to IB Diplomas earned, Catholic Memorial students earned more than 300 International Baccalaureate Certificates in specific subject areas, which can be used to earn college credit and placement into higher levels of college coursework. The holder of an IB Diploma can, at select universities, be granted 32 college credits and begin as equivalent to a second year student.

As a part of the IB course of study, students perform service projects throughout the U.S. and the world. CMH IB Diploma students contributed over 3000 hours of community service during their time in the program, engaging in projects that serve children with special needs, families with economic hardship, and the homeless. CMH President, Fr. Paul Hartmann stated that “each IB Diploma student is to be commended for the tremendous efforts put forth to be students in the best CMH tradition – growing into faith-filled young men and women who are consummate scholars and devoted servant-leaders.”

If you desire more information about the International Baccalaureate program at Catholic Memorial, please contact the Mr. John Burke, International Baccalaureate Coordinator at 262-378-0888, or Fr. Paul Hartmann, School President, at 262-542-7101. If you would like to interviews one or more of the CMH IB Diploma students, please contact Fr. Hartmann’s office.
Catholic Memorial High School of Waukesha is an Archdiocesan Catholic college preparatory high school serving 776 students from the Waukesha County area. The school was established in 1949 to honor the sacrifices of 23 local servicemen lost in World War II and has one of the largest number of International Baccalaureate diplomates in the state of Wisconsin.

Marion Accola – UW Madison
Angela Andera – University Missouri-Columbia
Jessie Bretl – University of Notre Dame
Tyler Cobb – St. Norbert College
Jeff Condit – Marquette University
James Delforge – UW Madison
Emily Dobrinska – UW Madison
Erin Donovan – UW Madison
Caroline English – UW Madison
Mara Fleckenstein – Marquette University
Elizabeth Frigo – University of Texas/Austin
Cassandra Galentine – Univ. of St. Thomas/MN
David Grebe – Marquette University
Laura Hartmann – UW Madison
Olivia Hurtgen – Loyola University/Chicago
Sebastian Jankowski – UW Madison
Amanda Kapusniak – UW Madison
Laura Kelly – St. Louis University
Lisa Kohli – UW Madison
Alyssa Kutil – UW Madison
Deanna Lanigan – UW Madison
Eric Lauria-Banta – UW Milwaukee
Justin Lauria-Banta – UW Milwaukee
Jesse Mark – Marquette University
Sarah Mlsna – Univ. of St. Thomas
Stefanie Moertl – Loyola University/Chicago
Thomas Novak – UW Madison
Conor O'Halloran – UW Madison
Hannah Pavlic – Creighton Univ.
Brian Piehl – St. Louis University
Greg Plechaty – Northwestern Univ.
Amanda Pohle – Grand Valley State University
Marissa Riordan – UW La Crosse
Kelly Roy – Boston College
Cindy Rozmenoski – UW Madison
Kristin Ruekert – Univ. of Notre Dame
Wesley Stasik – Missouri Univ. of Science & Technology
Andy Suchorski – Marquette University
Emily Terasa – University of Iowa
Molly Tom – Wagner College
Joseph Weinfurt – Carroll University
Matt Younger – Michigan Tech. Univ.
Amy Zelko – UW Madison
Nicole Zielinski – Univ. of Minnesota/Twin Cities
Kristina Zignego – UW Madison

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