Sunday, July 5, 2009

1 Samuel 17:50

Bigger is not better ...

Following on last week's post about the number of Freeman Top 20 Athletes coming from CMH versus our larger competitors... (pay attention to my "gloating moment")

Today's Journal-Sentinel publishes its list of the area's most successful high school sports programs. Based on the point system that the newspaper uses, Hartland Arrowhead and Marquette are to be commended.

But when you divide those sports achievement points into the size of the school, consider how CMH compares to other schools in the Classic 8 Conference and a couple of traditional rivalries --

Catholic Memorial 21/775 -- 1 pt. for every 37 students
Arrowhead 35/2312 -- 1 pt. for every 66 students
Milw. Marquette 26/2100* -- 1 pt. for every 80 students
Wisconsin Lutheran 9/810 -- 1 pt. for every 90 students
Kettle Moraine 9/1493 -- 1 pt. for every 166 students

* For WIAA purposes single sex schools like MUHS are categorized by double their enrollement.

So, once again, the best odds of having the greatest success in the classroom, in the community, and in sports -- CMH wins again!

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