Thursday, April 23, 2009

Our Seniors are on Retreat in these days...


Any of you who read this blog as alumni of CMH, you can remember your senior retreat fondly. Please pray for our seniors so that their experience will be as profound as your own.

The other day, on my Facebook page, I asked for alums to share memories -- here is a selection:

John Muchka, ’01:

"I have nothing but great memories from senior retreat. It really brought our class as a whole closer together. I actually still have the letters I received when I attended the retreat in 2001. Open up, relax and ENJOY!"

Patty Collins Thibault, ’84:

"Palankas, closure, forgiveness, GREAT friends.....amazing time! I wish them well......we had a great class! 1984!!!!"

Morgan Wick, ’03:

"Wow senior retreat was definitely one of my favorite times in high school. I still have the letters from then too. I would agree, be open and honest and you will gain so much!!"

Kristin Schmidt, ’05:

"one of the days we were there it was my birthday!! (05)...My best friends surprised me with cupcakes and a little get-together/ was a great time! (:"

Kevin Farner, ’88:

"Senior retreat was very awesome... certain songs bring me back - talking with friends that I hadn't talked with since freshman year…

Amber 'Lewicki' LeFevour, ’00:

"i made a new friend! she had lived right down the street from me for years, and we had class together, but only senior retreat brought us together! she's now the closest friend i have from high school, and she stood up in my wedding. class of 2000!"

Mary Beth Sancomb-Moran, ’76:

"It was a very long time ago and I remember it like it was yesterday. The discussions, getting up to watch the sun come up, talking our way into the bell tower....a wonderful and memorable experience. (Class of '76.)"

Kelly Kastner, ’89:

"Going an alum was so's where I knew I would some day marry my soon to be husband...."

Paul Hepperla, ’88:

"I have great memories of my high school retreat - from realizing the pain some of my friends grew up with, to the impact my everyday comments had on people, to how much my family and friends care for me.

Susan Manser, ’80:

"I graduated in 1980 and I still think back to that weekend here and there. It was such a spiritual bonding with your classmates!”

Kyle Miner, ’01:

"Senior retreat is perfect as a transition for life after high school... You really learn there who your lifelong friends are... I still have my class gift sitting on my desk these 8 years later"

Jill Korsmo, ’84:

"I never went to my retreat, and I regret it to this day ..."

Cindy Bohlman, ’81:

"I accidentally found my palanka in a box in a folder a few years ago. I called my Mom immediately and we both cried. I remember painting our puzzle pieces and making our combined project. I love seeing it again at reunions."

Wendy Kubbernus Otto, ’81:

"one of the best experiences...ever! The tears, the laughter, the heart is full of memories that i will never forget!!"

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