Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not the only CMH Blogger

CMH Spanish teachers draw students into creative blogging --

From Steph Diedrich,

Fr. Paul,

Jennifer and I have started a blog with our Spanish 3 students. We have a poetry unit through which we teach reading and analytical skills. Jennifer has come across much research, as she wraps up her masters this spring, that indicates the academic benefits of blogging. With Charley Tollefson’s help we have set up blogs for all Spanish 3-5 courses. Our Spanish 3 students have really enjoyed what they have done so far. I has been cool to see students put themselves out there and share beyond the basic content of the poetry, etc. We have had all students and parents sign acknowledgment agreement spelling out the parameters of usage (academic purpose only).

If you would like to see our blog in action here is the website:

The first set of postings have been done in English. I hope you enjoy them.

Jennifer and I would like to make you aware of how we have incorporated student-run prayer/reflection into our daily lessons. Each student has chosen a day to lead prayer/reflection at the beginning of class. They may choose a song, passage, poem, book, photo, etc to share with their classmates. The students have been really excited and engaged in this form of prayer. You are more than welcome to stop by and share with them this time of prayer.


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