Saturday, March 14, 2009

Busy day at, and for, CMH

Got the office this morning thinking it would be a nice quiet time to catch up on things. Well, not at CMH.

  • Both track teams are running around.
  • One gym has TOPS soccer -- a project of girls soccer coach John Burke which teaches developmentally challenged kids how to play soccer. (BTW, his daughter, Molly, is responding well to treatments. Prayers are still appreciated.)
  • The other gym has the area Knights of Columbus hosting the grade school free throw contest.
  • And many of the classrooms are being used for the KC's regional math and spelling competitions.
  • Tonight it is off to St. Joe's Big Bend to cover all the weekend masses for a CMH Profile Weekend. (Thank you Fr. Dick for letting us visit.)

Lots of kids and their parents seeing CMH. See you when your start high school!

Now to that paperwork.

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