Thursday, February 19, 2009

More on Theology of the Body

It has been about two weeks since the sad revelations at New Berlin Eisenhower High School. Sadly, today's paper adds to the concerns about incidences at Waukesha West High School.

Previously, I let you know that here at CMH we are not only committed to teaching, and expecting of, our kids a sense of Christian dignity and worth that might change these trends, we are also going to increase our efforts.

I am a strong proponent of Pope John Paul the Great's systematic approach now called, Theology of the Body. Last weekend, three faculty members and a number of parents participated in an archdiocesan offered program on the subject featuring Christopher West.

Our immediate additions will be a two part approach. On a day, yet to be scheduled, we will have a presentation to all of the students further reiterating issues and safeguards when it comes to Internet Safety. I know that the young people will say they know this stuff, but hearing it again probably doesn't hurt.

What we have already scheduled is a set of presentation by Deacon Dan Janisik, a CMH grad from '01. He has become a very engaging speaker and presenter on ToB. On Tuesday, March 10th, he will speak to all of the students, be available right after school for Q & A sessions, and then will make a presentation to parents in evening.

More details will be sent to you soon, but please, parents mark your calendars.

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