Sunday, February 15, 2009

Great Student Exchange with Messmer!

I wanted to share the following message which I received from Mr. Jeff Monday, principal at Messmer High School --

Dear Mark and Fr. Paul,

I want to thank you for the hospitality that was shown by your school community to Messmer students during today’s exchange visit. The students came back to school lit up with excitement by their experiences of the day.

They described the welcome sign, the gifts, the welcoming spirit of your students, the kind and thoughtful faculty, and even the cheesy pretzels that were served.

The experience began a process of breaking down the barriers of race and culture. Every Messmer student felt a kinship with your school community and appreciated the opportunity to be a part of such a great place for the day.

We look forward to hosting the Catholic Memorial students next week. This is truly what Catholic education is all about!


P.S. Mark - thanks for the idea and making this a possibility!

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