Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CMH wins State Skiing Championship!

From intrepid reporter, Mr. Tim Colombe --
We just returned from La Crosse where the CMH Men won the Wisconsin State High School Ski Championships. The team consists of Billy Wong, Chris Colombe, Steven Kemp, Ryan Kemp, Andy Colombe, Chris Siepman and PJ Feichtmeir.

Based on the results of dual meets throughout the ski season the top 23 teams qualify for the State Championships held in La Crosse. Each team has 6 skiers; the best four times are scored. So, with 23 teams and 6 skiers per team plus, another 14 that qualified as individuals, there were 152 men competing.

The State Championship consists of three events -- slalom, giant slalom (GS) and super giant slalom (Super G). Each event includes only one run. Scoring for each event consists of the "place points" of the top four results of the six skiers on a team. For instance, in GS, CMH scored only 37 points with Billy Wong at 2nd, Steven Kemp at 9th, Chris Colombe at 10th and Ryan Kemp at 16th.

In total, CMH had 223 points; second place Brookfield East (BE) had 243 points. Kettle Moraine (KM) took 3rd with approximately 350 points, and far back were Arrowhead in 4th and Oconomowoc in 5th place.

CMH jumped out to a big lead in the first event on Sunday scoring 37 in GS: BE was second with 73 and Arrowhead third with 139. Since slalom is really our strongest event, it looked like we might run away with it -- possibly set a record for the all time lowest point victory. However, anything can happen in ski racing -- which means, even great ski racers can fall down and thus ruin their run.

CMH started out Monday in slalom with Billy Wong, our first seed, laying down what turned out to be the first place slalom run. Then, the trouble started. Chris Colombe, our second seed, nailed the top half of the course and the headwall (the most difficult part of the run) and looked like he was heading for a top five finish when he dropped his shoulder slightly while making a turn causing his feet to slide out from under him; the result was a fall and a hike and an unusable time. Next, Steven Kemp had difficulties, then Ryan Kemp had a troubled run. Chris Siepman turned in a good performance but then, Andy Colombe finished our slalom event with a fall. The result was that we took third in slalom scoring 113 points. BE took first in slalom with 84 points. So, we gave up 29 points to BE and leaving only a 7 point lead at the start of the final event, Super G, this afternoon. KM, Arrowhead and Oconomowoc were all out of contention for first or second place by that point.

Super G started at about 2pm Monday afternoon with Billy Wong laying down the fourth place run, Chris Colombe nailing an 8th place run and Ryan Kemp scoring around 20th. Meanwhile, the the four BE skiers each scored in the high teens or low 20's. So, they had 4 "goods" and about 80 points. We had only 3 "goods" totaling about 32 points. Our last hope was our 6th and final skier, Andy Colombe, who was about 135th in the run order of 152 competitors.

So, the guys from CMH and BE were all together in a huddle at the finish line and, as usual, trash talking each other. A BE senior skier was heard to say "OK, I think it's like this guys...if he scores a 35 second or better run, CMH wins; if he is slower than 35, we win." Just then, I heard the announcer say "Andy Colombe is on course". Everyone watched as Andy came down the course, crossed the finish line and the digital timer read 34.75 seconds.

It turned out that Andy scored 37th place to round out CMH's score for the event at 69; with BE scoring 82 in the event. So, CMH won the State Championship over BE by 20 points.

In addition to CMH winning the team championship, Billy Wong won the individual championship. Billy scored only 7 points for the entire meet -- 1st in slalom, 2nd in GS and 4th in Super G. Other notable performances were Steven Kemp's 9th in GS, Chris Colombe's 8th in Super G and 10th in GS and Ryan Kemp's 16th in GS and 20th in Super G. Andy Colombe, Chris Siepman and PJ Feichtmeier all did a nice job.

The entire CMH team returns next year. Plus, Billy's younger brother Anthony may attend CMH – noted to a very strong skier.
Good job guys!

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