Thursday, February 19, 2009

An update on John Burke's daughter, Molly --

John let us know last night that Molly has been diagnosed with acute lymphomic leukemia, pre B cell. Their pediatric oncologist at Children’s Hospital is one of the experts in the field, and there is much reason for hope for a successful outcome. Today at 10:00 AM, they will do a spinal tap, gather some more bone marrow, and place a cath tube from her arm into her heart so that they can begin chemo treatments. There are several dates in the future when they will get more test results.

John says that Molly is holding up well and bravely. There had been some anomalous symptoms in the past few days that led to them taking her for testing, leading up to yesterday’s news.

John’s parents are coming up from Illinois to take care of Maureen and Maggie and the house, so meals are taken care of for the time being. As for sharing info with our kids, he is OK with letting them know what the diagnosis is, asking that they continue to pray like crazy, particularly today at 10:00, and to tell them that he and Mary are confident that Molly will survive.

He plans to be at school on Friday, and sends his thanks to all for their continued thoughts and prayers.

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