Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Student Reflections on the March for Life.

Wow! Four blog posts in one day. This last one is worth it the overload.

I asked the group of students who traveled to Washington, DC for the March for Life to share some of their reflections about the trip. Here are snippets from the first few that have come in -

For me, the best memory from my trip to DC was praying the rosary outside the Supreme Court. It was moving to look around at my surroundings and be so close to all the historic buildings and powerful people inside of them. We had said a rosary earlier in the trip, but being in front of the Supreme Court changed the mood for me and made the challenge of abortion seem more real. It was really special to be able to pray with my classmates who were all praying for a common cause which we all feel strongly about: protecting life at risk.

I can't believe how many young people were there marching, and how many people in general.

It is such a unique experience. If you really want to feel like you're making a difference in the fight against abortion I strongly suggest you make the trip.

My best memory is experiencing the presence of so many Pro-Life people together, marching to promote the sanctity of life.

It is something I will never forget, and seeing that many people working for what you believe in is an experience that everyone should have the chance to participate in.

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