Monday, January 19, 2009

CMH gets praise from Alumni

OK, so some of you might think I have fully consumed the Facebook kool-aid, but it is a very fascinating dynamic. Besides, there is no denying that in the course of a few weeks we have found more alumni, and made a connection with them, than if we brought in volunteers to start making calls to family and friends.

The best part for CMH is that Facebook has a demographic of people in their 20's and 30's, a group that we often lose track of through college and in the years following. Notably, I do have one member of the Class of 1970 who is now connected to CMH through Facebook.

Here are some great quotes from people that have re-connected to CMH --

**Happy New Year! Thank you for finding your alumni. I had a wonderful experience at Catholic Memorial and believe it's one of the best schools to this day. It's a wonderful school with wonderful teachers.

Kelly Nadboralski (CMH ’93)

**"If you ever need any help at CMH.. I am willing to volunteer.. let me know.. its been a few years since I have been there"

Steven Dibbs (CMH ’04)

**I think about CMH a lot and all the wonderful memories I had there.

Warm regards,
Katy Therese Lynch (CMH '02)

**“I loved my four years at CMH and if there is ever anything I can help with that involves the school please don't hesitate to ask :)”

Alex Picciolo (CMH ’06)

**I graduated in 2003 and my sister graduated in 2005. We both loved our high school experiences, and, frankly, some of my senior year classes at CMH were better and more challenging than some of my college ones.

Monica Charleston (CMH ’03)

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