Thursday, January 15, 2009

Catholic Schools Contribute $19,8 Billion to Nation

Check out this news from the National Catholic Education Association --

“Catholic schools are a gift to the church – and to the nation. The enormity of this gift is more striking during these challenging economic times.”
In addition to the monetary rewards, the nation gains in other ways. Catholic school students excel academically on standardized tests, 99.1% graduate and 94% attend college. Studies show that graduates of Catholic schools are reliable workers, good citizens and more likely to attend church.

It is notable that the near-$20B in financial benefit to the country does not include the further direct benefits of savings to public school systems, and more importantly the millions of service hours performed by Catholic School students and their families.

Imagine how different things might be if the world were willing, or even able, to put a quantifiable value on Caritas in Omnibus! Now that's a national stimulus package!

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