Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Something Every Non-Profit Likes to See

Something interesting from yesterday's Waukesha Freeman in the "Personal Finance" column --

Frugal giving: How to make donations in lean times

By CANDICE CHOI Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) _ The holiday season is looking lean this year, and your wallet may be thinner than your generosity. Even if you can’t afford to write a check, remember there are plenty of ways to help out a good cause. Donating property such as art or volunteering professional services are just a few options to consider. In fact, more people are realizing their job skills may be of great use to nonprofit groups. “You’re seeing this culture where volunteerism is spreading,” said Mark Schickman, chair of the Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service for the American Bar Association.

Any assistance will likely go a long way in today’s climate, with demand for charitable services sharpening as people struggle to make ends meet. That means your donations may count more than ever this holiday season...

Please do check out the rest of this article for ideas about how you can give during more anxious times.

This blog posting gives me a chance to point out how much postive coverage CMH has been getting from the Waukesha Freeman. Before getting getting to this job in July, I had not read it regularly. It is worth it. Give it a look.

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