Friday, December 19, 2008

In the Christmas Spirit.

Yesterday, I met with a long-time supporter of CMH. He stopped by my office to drop off his annual donation for an endowed fund that his family has long supported. We had a great, long talk about his experiences at CMH and how his goal was to make sure that the school remain accessible to all young people.

Eventually, the conversation came around to the present economy, and how much greater the need will be this year and next for tuition assistance. Happily, this kind donor agreed to let me decide if his donation this year should go to the endowed funds (which give ongoing tuition assistance from interest earnings) or to direct tuition assistance this year and next.

While I hope to eventually grow our endowment funds significantly, our needs this year are greater than ever. In addition to significant operational needs, the annual Crusader Fund helps CMH to fund hundreds of thousands of dollars of tuition assistance to a quarter of our students.

With the economy as it is, our tuition assistance needs will be greater than ever. Let me take this chance to offer thanks to this donor, and all who are being even more generous this year because they know that the need is there.

Thank you.

Fr. Paul

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