Friday, December 12, 2008

A CMH Roadshow

I have mentioned a number of times the CMH Profile Weekends that we have been having at some of the CMH supporting parishes. They have been very well received, and I am grateful to the parishes and pastors who have so kindly welcomed us.

What you may not know is that since I still have some remaining obligations to my previous job with the archdiocese, I still travel from time to time. In January I will be giving a talk to a Legatus group in south Florida, since they are sponsoring my trip anyway, while there I hope to organize gatherings of CMH alumni, past parents and friends in the areas of Boca Raton and Naples. Admittedly, going to Florida is tough work, but I am willing to do it for CMH.

While we know some addresses for permanent residents in those areas, we may not know about the more recent transplants or the snowbirds. If you know of anyone from the CMH family in southern Florida, permanent or snowbird, please send us their contact information so that we can include them in these events.

Please send the information to Marguerite Gallagher, .

(Don't worry, CMH is not paying for the trip!)

Advent Blessings!

Fr. Paul

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