Monday, December 8, 2008

CMH Profile Weekend at St. Anthony's, Pewaukee

Above, Alli Gutenkunst speaks to the St. Anthony's congregation thanking them for their support of CMH.

Sorry that I did not post yesterday. I had a pretty full day. From Saturday evening, until last night, I either celebrated or concelebrated at all five masses at St. Anthony of the Lake Parish, Pewaukee. It is a great community there, who show a great deal of support for CMH. Special thanks to Fr. Joe and Fr. Dan for letting me, some staff, and student speakers be there. Thanks also to Alli Gutenkunst, Kelly Roy, Jessie Zanotelli and Mackenzie Wahlen who spoke so well of CMH at each of the masses.

I have set a goal for myself that over the next two years or so, I would like to make this type of full-weekend visit to each of the 26 parishes that officially support CMH. The main goal is to publically express thanks to the parish for that support. I do hope that during my tenure at CMH our connections to the parishes where our CMH families attend wil only grow and become more and more mutually beneficial. Going to St. Anthony's was our fourth such CMH Profile Weekend at a parish. Previously we have been to St. Agnes, Butler, St. Paul, Genessee Depot, and St. Charles, Hartland. This spring I hope to be able to make fove or more such weekends around the county.

Thanks again to the St. Anthony's Parish community, it was a wonderful weekend of celebrations for advent.

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