Tuesday, December 30, 2008

CMH Faculty Member a "Difference Maker"

Photo by Kevin Harnack/Waukesha Freeman Staff

37 rewarding years of achievement
He’s kind of the school’s dad’
By Joe Petrie Freeman Staff
WAUKESHA – While 37 years on the job may seem too long for most people, Catholic Memorial High School teacher Chris Andacht would beg to differ. “The everyday energy I get from these kids keeps my fire burning,” Andacht said. “And watching these kids make achievements every school day is always my high point of the day.”
Besides teaching, Andacht keeps his work plate full. He’s a cross country coach, track coach and drama director for the school. And to his students and his peers, Andacht is a true difference maker at Catholic Memorial for his years of tireless work making sure children make the most of their potential. Andacht has spent the past 26 years at Catholic Memorial developing himself and his students.
In his time there, he has coached countless athletes to victory, turned a fledgling drama program into a state powerhouse and seen students go on to do great things with their lives. He puts his heart into every school day in order to make sure students succeed and get the most out of his profession as possible by making them practice over and over. In fact, drama students said sometimes he has them watch tape of performances for up to six hours on the weekends just to show them areas to work on.
Andacht said it can be difficult at times to balance coaching, drama and teaching, but he keeps them spread out through the year in order to devote full attention to programs. He makes sure to give full attention to them because he said he wants to give students opportunities he lost out on when he was their age. “There’s never a day where a kid doesn’t make a gain, whether it’s in theater, in track or in the classroom,” he said. “It’s a profession where you get a chance to touch and mold their lives.”
Andacht’s ability to motivate kids is legendary for all of his students. His track runners say he knows how to push them to the next level, and his drama students say his passion and energy are so intense that they almost “expect him to salivate” at times. “He pays very close attention and always will talk to us one-on-one,” senior drama student Laura Hartmann said. “He’s also very patient and reminds us that what we accomplish comes from grunt work, and it’s just the grunt work and how hard we work at it that gets us to accomplish things.”
Andacht has also had the pleasure of teaching his own daughters throughout the years at Catholic Memorial, which has drawn some concerns from students that he’ll retire after his youngest daughter Ame Andacht graduates at the end of the school year. But what his daughter already knows is that his Catholic Memorial family stretches well beyond his biological children. “It’s really cool to have him here because it feels like he’s everyone’s dad,” Ame Andacht said. “He’s kind of the school’s dad.”

Congratulations Mr. Andacht! Thanks for being a great representative of CMH!
Fr. Paul

The freedom of anonymity?

Does making an anonymous assertion free a person from consequence when the consequence might be feared? Or does it free the person from the responsibility of making a well-thought, well-researched point? As is often the case, the answers can be yes to both.

Consider this from the "Sound Off" section of today's Waukesha Freeman:

Hockey co-op

You have made me tired. I am tired of reading and viewing full color photos and the greatness that surrounds a co-op that should not be, the Catholic Memorial High School-Pius hockey co-op.

As stated: We would be two average teams without a co-op. This statement explains the real reason to combine, to WIN conference.

There has been a mockery of the WIAA rules, regulations and the sole purpose of high school sports. I can only shake my head in disbelief that certain programs are allowed to play by a different set of rules.

Share your thoughts about any topic and look for your comments in an upcoming issue of The Freeman. Responders are encouraged, though not required, to sign their name. Please provide a phone number for verification of name. Phone: 513-2641 E-mail: soundoff@conleynet.com Mail: The Freeman, Attn. Sound Off, 801 N. Barstow St., Waukesha, WI 53187

As someone who has just started to attend high school hockey games and have found them very exciting to watch, I may not be the best judge on this one. Additionally, I tend to dismiss anonymous assertions altogether, but the Freeman is comfortable publishing them widely.

The easiest point to make -- the point about CMH and Pius having two average teams without the co-op -- was made by a student. Thus, it comes from the perspective of a teenager who views the joy of the game, and the success of the endeavor, through a teenager's eyes. He should not be faulted for his enthusiasm.

The anonymous writer can be assured that for the administration, staff, and coaches of CMH, Pius, and hopefully, all the other schools who participate in about 25 high school co-op hockey teams in the state, and the WIAA, entering into these co-ops is done for the well-being of the participating student-athletes. While numerically speaking many such schools could field a team (average or otherwise), often this would require far more playing time than might be good for student-athletes; or for younger, smaller, less-experienced freshmen to play up against (and be checked into the boards by) older, larger, more experienced seniors.

Every school hopes for the depth of student body to be able to field all sports teams on their own. But, for five of the nine teams in the conference in which the CMH/Pius co-op plays, this is not possible. In fact, it is even the case that all three of of Waukesha's public high school (each larger than CMH) are joined in a co-op arrangement for hockey. The nine team conference actually represents 15 different schools.

I hope that this information and background gives the anonymous writer a better sense of how these co-ops come to be.

Fr. Paul

Monday, December 29, 2008

CMH Mentioned in Freeman Year in Review

OK, it is a very passing mention under "New Waukesha School Heads" --

"Hartmann revved up CMH from the start of his tenure with the energy of an alumnus."

I only hope I can keep the energy going! I'll need your help folks. Don't let me down.

Fr. Paul

Crusader Basketball making its mark!

BOYS BASKETBALL -- Catholic Memorial 59 Oshkosh North 53

Crusaders Shine in Second Half
CMH goes 2-0 in tournament

By Matthew Stevens Freeman Correspondent
MILWAUKEE – Maybe Catholic Memorial should just start with a deficit and play a 16-minute game. In four of its seven victories this season, the Crusaders have been down at halftime and that’s exactly what happened during their 59-53 victory Saturday over Oshkosh North during Day 2 of the Wisconsin Basketball Yearbook Shootout boys high school basketball tournament at the Al McGuire Center.

“It was a totally different team between the second and third quarter,” Catholic Memorial coach Dean Bellanti said. “Give the kids credit for being more aggressive.” In the two games of the event, Catholic Memorial (7-2) defeated two teams ranked in the WisSports.net coaches poll. Oshkosh North was ranked fourth in Division 1 and Monroe was ranked 13th in Division 2. “It confirms what I’ve believed from the start of the season that we can be as good a team as we want to be,” Bellanti said. “People will say we overachieved, but there’s no such thing. If you’re aggressive, you achieved something.”

The nonconference matchup pitted a pair of players who lead their respective leagues in scoring: Memorial junior guard T.J. Bray (Classic 8) and North senior center Ron Johnson (Fox Valley Association). With 38 seconds left, Catholic Memorial center David Smith made two free throws and then recovered a steal on the other end to seal the victory. “David stepped up big and hit those two free throws and played some real tough defense out there,” Bray said.

Catholic Memorial concluded a perfect (6-0) December after losing two of its first three the previous month. Oshkosh North (5-2), which outscored Memorial 18-4 in the second quarter to take a sevenpoint halftime lead, was led by center Johnson’s 22 points and 12 rebounds. “He’s such a big boy that we were just trying to take him as far away from the rim as possible,” Bellanti said. The Crusaders scored 16 of the first 18 points in the third quarter to take the lead. Bray led Memorial with 25 points, pushing his career total to 71 in the history of this event held at the practice facility for the Marquette University men’s basketball team. Bray had 19 second-half points and was 5-for-6 from the field after halftime. “He was very intelligent this weekend,” Bellanti said. “He was able to come over to me and say, ‘Coach, this is what’s happening’ and that’s the dialogue we’ve been encouraging.”

Memorial, normally scouted as a perimeter-based squad, matched North with 22 points in the paint as forward Mike Neary provided 10 points in 23 minutes. “This is a complete team – whether it’s (guards) Derek (Schell) or Jack (Fleming) who can hit shots, or we’ve got three great post players who can take over a game, too,” Bray said.

More on CMH Hockey

pictures by Bryon S. Houlgrave/Waukesha Freeman Staff
HIGH SCHOOL SPORTS ROUNDUP: Hockey/Basketball/Wrestling
CMH boys win own hockey tourney

– Lee Fensin, Freeman Staff DELAFIELD – The Catholic Memorial/Pius co-op high school boys hockey team won its own Joe Raymond Memorial Holiday Classic. Memorial/Pius needed three overtime periods to defeat Green Bay Notre Dame 5-4 in the championship game at the Naga-Waukee Ice Arena on Saturday. Pius junior Goyko Rajak scored the game-winning goal with an assist from his sophomore brother Petar. Kyle Fink of Pius scored two goals for Memorial/Pius, which improved its record to 8-1-1. (The WIAA recognizes the game as a tie.) CMH sophomore Dominic Zanoni and CMH senior Trent Nienas scored the other two goals for Memorial/Pius. Other assists went to Zanoni, CMH junior Noah Lentz, Pius senior Devin Stuermer and CMH senior Kieran Gilbert.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

CMP Hockey Makes a Statement

So says Bob Reischel of the Journal-Sentinel. The cooperative hockey team of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee's two largest schools emphasized that statement as it moved to a 9 - 1 record tonight with a triple overtime win over Green Bay's Notre Dame Academy to win the championship of the Joe Raymond Tournament.

For me, the excitement of the game lay partly in the fact that it was the first time I had seen a high school hockey game. These young men were fantastic. Both teams played exceptionally well. As I understand it, for statistical and ranking purposes, the game is considered a tie because only the first overtime is counted. So, for the sake of rankings and such statistics, the two additional overtimes were just for the tournament determination, and for pride.

And pride they showed! Congratulations.

I can't wait to watch them again.

Friday, December 26, 2008

10th Annual Joe Raymond Memorial Holiday Hockey Classic

From today's JS Online --

"Joe Raymond Tournament, Friday and Saturday, Naga-Waukee Ice Arena: Catholic Memorial takes on Chicago Mt. Carmel and Green Bay Notre Dame meets Black River Falls in first-round games Friday. Consolation and championship games will be played Saturday."

Coach Joe Raymond was a coach at CMH when hockey was just developing. After dying in a sad car accident, the CMH hockey community chose to honor his memory by annually hosting a tournament in his name. A former player for Coach Raymond once summed up his pre-game pep talks: "Have a game. Put everything on the line and don't cheat yourself. Do the hardest job you can with no regrets."

To open the tournament tonight, CMH's first hockey coach, John Marino, offer a few words about Coach Raymond's philosophy. I offered the invocation, and a young lady named Julianna (pictured above) did a great rendition of the National Anthem. She did a great job singing acapella. As a side note, a few weeks ago I asked that whenever possible the National Anthem used before home games at CMH be a sung version, not just an instrumental. I think that our young people need learn the lyrics to this great historical, civic hymn by Francis Scott Key.
Even when the lyrics are sung, it is only the first of four verses. It is worth noting that in the final verse citizens are called upon to "Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation." Something very much worth remembering every day.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Christmas Message from Fr. Paul Hartmann, CMH President

Dear Family and Friends of CMH:

One of the oldest Christmas hymns in all of Christendom begins with the line: Let all mortal flesh keep silence . . .” Over 1600 years ago when that line was written, the Church was still coming out of the catacombs where it hid during countless persecutions. It was only beginning to grasp the impact which they, as a small, but fast-growing community of believers, was to have on the secular world where the Roman Empire was well into its final, and fatal decline. Modern day logic would seem to say that “silence” is not necessary. Rather, by our standards, the Christians should shout, celebrate, and (as the scriptures say) make plenty of joyful noise.

But, like so many aspects of lived faith, I guess that the answer is a classic “both/and” combination. We must be silent first – disposed to humble listening, so that we might truly receive and comprehend that for which we should do no less than shout great tidings to the world. Tidings, in fact, that this world still needs so desperately. It is a manner of making our way through this busy and complex world that we have been taught over and over again since we were kids. Do you remember being told as a kid what to do as railroad crossings? “Stop, Look, and Listen” was the proverb then. Whether at crossings or in classrooms; at the family Christmas table, or in the pews on Christmas morning – stop, look, and listen!

As your family celebrates the Solemnity of the Nativity of Our Lord, I recommend that you recall the words of the ancient hymn or the warning at crossings, and in humble quietness contemplate what the coming of the Lord means in your life and for your family. If our personal and communal prayer is open to that consideration, there is no doubt in my mind that we would first fall into quiet thanksgiving, and then move to joyful praise.

Later in that ancient hymn which I started with, it proclaims: “. . . and in fear and trembling stand. Christ our God to earth descendeth . . .” On behalf of the entire CMH community of students, faculty and staff please be assured of our prayers of glad tidings to you and yours on this most special of holy days. Holy because God himself has descended among us; God himself has promised us salvation by His own birth.

Blessings to you all!

Very Reverend Paul Hartmann
President, CMH

P.S. I would be remiss as president of the school to pass on this opportunity to gently encourage you, if you haven’t yet, to prayerfully consider making your contribution to the Crusader Fund a sign of the glad tidings that ring out from your experience of Christmas this year.

Sports even over break.

Both Basketball and Hockey recorded wins the other day. The good details are in the Waukesha Freeman.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Of Christmas cards, trees, snow days and a financial controller..

Random thoughts on the eve of the eve...

I am just about finished with all of the Christmas cards that I am sending out as President of CMH. To those who normally recieve them from me as family and friends -- please expect a St. Patrick's Day card instead.

At the beginning of Advent, I put up a Christmas tree in my office. While I have never put up my own tree before, over the years I have collected boxes and boxes of ornaments. It's about time I put them to use. If you are visiting CMH anytime soon, feel free to stop by my office and see the tree. I will keep it up well into the New Year. For the Church, the "Christmas Season" does not end until the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord, or Candlemas, on February 2nd.

After lots of questions, passionate pleas, big promises, and even begging from the students (and some faculty), it did come to pass that last Friday was a snow day. I hope that everyone enjoys their full 17 days of vacation. (I also hope that the parents of those begging students realize how many kids promised that their parents would double their Crusader Fund gifts if there was a snow day.)
Lastly, you may have heard that CMH has begun a search for a financial Controller. It will be hard to properly replace Sandi Keyser who has been with us for decades, but we will try. I can only hope that we find someone with as much commitment and devotion to CMH as Sandi has shown. If you, or someone you know, might be interested, please take a look at the ad at milwaukeejobs.com
I am keeping an eye on the Crusader gifts -- I hope that there will be more good news to offer right after Christmas.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Great News....

From yesterday's Waukesha Freeman --


Cornell [College of Iowa] senior Griffin LaDew from Catholic Memorial High School was named the Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Player of the Week after averaging 18.3 points, 4.7 rebounds, 3.3 steals and 1.7 assists in three games, including a season-high 26-point effort against Webster and 18-for-19 accuracy from the free-throw line. Cornell beat Maryville 73-65, Webster 67-50 and lost to No. 9-ranked Augustana 76-54. LaDew moved into fifth place on Cornell's all-time scoring list with 1,288 points.
Congratulations Griffin!

Friday, December 19, 2008

In the Christmas Spirit.

Yesterday, I met with a long-time supporter of CMH. He stopped by my office to drop off his annual donation for an endowed fund that his family has long supported. We had a great, long talk about his experiences at CMH and how his goal was to make sure that the school remain accessible to all young people.

Eventually, the conversation came around to the present economy, and how much greater the need will be this year and next for tuition assistance. Happily, this kind donor agreed to let me decide if his donation this year should go to the endowed funds (which give ongoing tuition assistance from interest earnings) or to direct tuition assistance this year and next.

While I hope to eventually grow our endowment funds significantly, our needs this year are greater than ever. In addition to significant operational needs, the annual Crusader Fund helps CMH to fund hundreds of thousands of dollars of tuition assistance to a quarter of our students.

With the economy as it is, our tuition assistance needs will be greater than ever. Let me take this chance to offer thanks to this donor, and all who are being even more generous this year because they know that the need is there.

Thank you.

Fr. Paul

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

CMH Crusader Fund reaches first $100K!

The numbers are not final, but yesterday, after only one week, the annual Crusader Fund for CMH reached it first benchmark of $100,000.

More details to follow (and, hopefully more good news).

Thanks to all of the generous donors thus far. If you are still considering your gift, please help us build on this momentum so that we can quickly reach our goal of $500K.

Thanks to Marguerite Gallagher and the development staff for the great work that went into this year's Crusader Fund effort.

Monday, December 15, 2008

CMH Team Prayer

Last Friday morning, as on virtually every Friday throughout the semester, I celebrated mass at 6:55am in CMH's Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel. This early start allows mass to end before the start of school. On most Fridays, the mass will be attended by a few faculty, some locals who just want to attend daily mass at CMH, random students, and usually one of our sports teams.

CMH exists with wonderful statements of Mission and Vision. We work hard to send into the world at graduation young men and women who are happy, healthy, and holy. To that end we do our work with some very clear priorities -- Faith drives us, Academics form us, and Extra-Curriculars round us out. The priorities are to be in that order!

In my short time here I have set a goal that no class, no program, no team sees their activity seperate from the Catholic faith that underlies everything. Thus, mass with teams is one way to reinforce this. Another is team prayer. CMH has a team prayer that all the coaches are asked to use with their kids before each competition.

At most varsity sporting events at CMH, the prayer is publically prayed before the National Anthem is played. One night, before a basketball game, when it was announced that I would lead a prayer, I heard from behind me, from among the visitors fans, someone say, "A prayer...is that allowed?"

I hope prayer before home games is never not allowed. We would all be the worse for it (even that visiting fan).

If you are interested, here is the CMH team prayer --

Heavenly Father,

Our Life, Health, and Abilities are gifts from you.

Give us the courage to devote each,
not to our own gain, but to your glory.

Let us compete today with all our heart, mind, body, and soul.

If you choose, allow victory to come as a blessing and reward;
but, if necessary, assist us to learn integrity in defeat.

Keep all players safe this day.

Allow us to give our best as a memorial
to those who have given their all for our sake.

Leader:/ St. Sebastian, patron of athletes,
R:/ Pray for Us.

L:/ Our Lady of Memorial, R:/ Pray for Us.

L:/ Our Lady of Victory, R:/ Pray for Us

L:/ We make this prayer through Christ our Lord.


CMH Looking to Hire Controller

Please forward this information to qualified persons who might have an interest.

Position Title: Controller
Reports to: President
Status: Exempt, full time position
Start date: April 1, 2009 (flexible)

Position Summary: The Controller is the primary financial administrator for Catholic Memorial High School (CMH) and is responsible for providing financial and administrative support and counsel to make for an efficient and fiscally responsible organization, in compliance with the direction of the President, the Board of Directors, and the overall mission and vision of Catholic Memorial High School.

The Controller reports to the President, and is responsible for the facilitation of CMH’s budget and financial planning process, and oversight of reporting, billing and collection. The Controller is also responsible for the oversight of all internal budgets and accounting, managing banking accounts for CMH, and for accomplishing goals and objectives that are consistent with the mission and vision of CMH.


· Bachelor’s degree in accounting.
· Five or more years of progressively responsible accounting experience preferably in a not for profit organization.
· Ability to provide leadership and direction regarding all financial matters and effective communication to appropriate audiences.
· Strong communication, collaboration and presentation skills.
· Strong MS Office proficiency, with superior skills in Excel
· Demonstrated interest and success in promoting academic excellence in a Catholic, college preparatory environment
· Demonstrated interest and ability to serve all of CMH’s customers and constituencies
· Highly organized, detail oriented and able to work on multiple projects within specific timeframes with varying deadlines.
· Ability to work evenings, weekends and extended workdays as needed.

Contact: Provide cover letter, resume and references to –

Very Reverend Paul Hartmann
Catholic Memorial High School
601 E. College Avenue
Waukesha, WI 53186


Friday, December 12, 2008

A CMH Roadshow

I have mentioned a number of times the CMH Profile Weekends that we have been having at some of the CMH supporting parishes. They have been very well received, and I am grateful to the parishes and pastors who have so kindly welcomed us.

What you may not know is that since I still have some remaining obligations to my previous job with the archdiocese, I still travel from time to time. In January I will be giving a talk to a Legatus group in south Florida, since they are sponsoring my trip anyway, while there I hope to organize gatherings of CMH alumni, past parents and friends in the areas of Boca Raton and Naples. Admittedly, going to Florida is tough work, but I am willing to do it for CMH.

While we know some addresses for permanent residents in those areas, we may not know about the more recent transplants or the snowbirds. If you know of anyone from the CMH family in southern Florida, permanent or snowbird, please send us their contact information so that we can include them in these events.

Please send the information to Marguerite Gallagher, mgallagher@catholicmemorial.net .

(Don't worry, CMH is not paying for the trip!)

Advent Blessings!

Fr. Paul

Catholic Memorial Soccer Champion Signs a National Letter of Intent to Row for the University of Minnesota

Great news from one of our great student-athletes:

Allison Putlak, CMH ’09, has just signed a national letter of intent to row for University of Minnesota. She declined offers from Ohio State, Oklahoma, Louisville, and Tennessee, and she said making her decision was difficult because all the schools--especially her father’s alma mater, Louisville--were attractive in many ways. In the end, Allison felt UM would provide the best academic and athletic challenges for her.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Advent Reconciliation Service

Last spring, Pope Benedict XVI, speaking to thousands of young people gathered in Rome, said that in the celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation "the Holy Spirit will descend into our hearts to forgive our sins and renew us interiorly, giving us a strength that will make us, like the apostles, bold in proclaiming Christ." He then personally entered a confessional in St. Peter's Basilica and spent time hearing the confessions of dozens of teenagers.

This morning, here at CMH, we had a wonderful Advent Reconciliation service for the entire school. Mr. Jon Brzeski and the members of the Campus Ministry Leadership Team did a great job planning and putting forth a moving prayer and reflection service.

Present to assist in individual confessions were myself and five others priests: Fr. Joe Hornacek, pastor of St. Anthony's, Pewaukee, Fr. Dick Robinson, pastor of St. Joseph's, Big Bend, Fr. Dan Volkert, associate paster at St. Anthony's, Pewaukee, Fr. Nate Reesman, associate pastor of St. Mary Visitation, Elm Grove, and Fr. Frank Malloy, pastor of St. James, Mukwanago, was also our homilist.

After the short all-school prayer service ended, and throughout the lunch hours, all of the priests were available to the students. For over two hours, all six of us were hearing confessions without interruptions. Each of the visiting priests expressed how impressed they were with both how many kids participated and, more importantly, how seriously they took the sacrament.

You may not know this, but CMH also works to have a priest available at the end of the school day almost every Thursday in the chapel to hear confessions (thank you Fr. Uhen of the Layton Study Center for this assistance) and I hear them by apppointment if young people want to meet.

Many priests and bishops lament how few people, especially young people, participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Skeptics need only visit CMH to see how things could be. The kids were not forced to go to confession this morning, but they were lined up to do so nonetheless. Maybe we can all learn something from them today!

A Blessed Advent Journey to all.

Fr. Paul

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Freshman Trials

Something that I don't get to do often enough is look in on classes as they are underway. But, before daily mass the other day, I did poke my head into the auditorium while a class was going on.

In front of the under construction set for the Spring musical production of "South Pacific", the freshman Combined Class (a coordinated study of history and liturature) set their sights on a Mock trial.

Not only was it good to see the young people nicely dressed for their roles as judges, attorneys, and witnesses, it was great to see how seriously they took this exercise in law.

Kudos to Mr. Gabelbauer and Mr. Waliszewski for this creative, engaging approach to education.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Something Every Non-Profit Likes to See

Something interesting from yesterday's Waukesha Freeman in the "Personal Finance" column --

Frugal giving: How to make donations in lean times

By CANDICE CHOI Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) _ The holiday season is looking lean this year, and your wallet may be thinner than your generosity. Even if you can’t afford to write a check, remember there are plenty of ways to help out a good cause. Donating property such as art or volunteering professional services are just a few options to consider. In fact, more people are realizing their job skills may be of great use to nonprofit groups. “You’re seeing this culture where volunteerism is spreading,” said Mark Schickman, chair of the Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service for the American Bar Association.

Any assistance will likely go a long way in today’s climate, with demand for charitable services sharpening as people struggle to make ends meet. That means your donations may count more than ever this holiday season...

Please do check out the rest of this article for ideas about how you can give during more anxious times.

This blog posting gives me a chance to point out how much postive coverage CMH has been getting from the Waukesha Freeman. Before getting getting to this job in July, I had not read it regularly. It is worth it. Give it a look.

Monday, December 8, 2008

CMH Celebrates Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This morning all of CMH's students and faculty hiked across the snow covered valley to St. Mary's Parish for an all-school liturgy. Today is the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a holy day of obligation for all Catholics.
Concelebrating at the mass, and preaching the homily, was Fr. Michael Scheip (pictured above). While the school commounity had been told of Fr. Scheip before, not all of the students recalled that he is a bona fide Catholic priest who happens to be a convert to Catholicism and happens also to have a wife and five kids (one of whom is a sophamore here at CMH).
He gave the community wonderful insights about using the example of the Blessed Virgin Mother as part of our preparation to encounter her Son on Christmas.
Thank you, Fr. Mike.

CMH Profile Weekend at St. Anthony's, Pewaukee

Above, Alli Gutenkunst speaks to the St. Anthony's congregation thanking them for their support of CMH.

Sorry that I did not post yesterday. I had a pretty full day. From Saturday evening, until last night, I either celebrated or concelebrated at all five masses at St. Anthony of the Lake Parish, Pewaukee. It is a great community there, who show a great deal of support for CMH. Special thanks to Fr. Joe and Fr. Dan for letting me, some staff, and student speakers be there. Thanks also to Alli Gutenkunst, Kelly Roy, Jessie Zanotelli and Mackenzie Wahlen who spoke so well of CMH at each of the masses.

I have set a goal for myself that over the next two years or so, I would like to make this type of full-weekend visit to each of the 26 parishes that officially support CMH. The main goal is to publically express thanks to the parish for that support. I do hope that during my tenure at CMH our connections to the parishes where our CMH families attend wil only grow and become more and more mutually beneficial. Going to St. Anthony's was our fourth such CMH Profile Weekend at a parish. Previously we have been to St. Agnes, Butler, St. Paul, Genessee Depot, and St. Charles, Hartland. This spring I hope to be able to make fove or more such weekends around the county.

Thanks again to the St. Anthony's Parish community, it was a wonderful weekend of celebrations for advent.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A First for Me: Attending an entire Wrestling Meet

From the Waukesha Freeman Online:

Catholic Memorial's Alex Radish stares at the hand of Waukesha South's Kyle Johnson in their varsity wrestling match at 140 pounds on Thursday at CMH. Radish won the match, 14-2.

On Thursday night I attended my first wrestling meet in its entirety (JV and Varsity). I have to admit it was great to see how hard those guys work and the strategy they put into the competition. I just wish we had more guys out for the sport so that we could fill every weight class. Were it not for the unfilled matches, we would most certainly would have won the overall meet against Waukesha South. South actually had a female wrestler. I am not sure what I want to say about that. Our wrestler won, but there is just something about the whole concept...

I will try to attend more of their wrestling meets in the future. I have a goal to make sure that attend an event for every CMH sports team or club at least once in my first year. (Technically, I have to admit that I have already failed since I did not get to a Girls Golf Match or a Rugby match in the fall. I will work on that next year, I promise.)


I, and some CMH student speakers, will be at all the masses at St. Anthony's, Pewaukee, this weekend. If you are in the area, join us for mass and a chance to raise the profile of CMH.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Good News for Others! Hint, Hint...

From today's Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, front page, Local section:

United Way tops $44 million goal despite recession

Every organization who, like CMH, depends upon fundraising and development for it success is fretting these days because of perceptions about the economy. Hopefully, this good news from the Milwaukee United Way is a good omen about the real state of things and can serve as an inspiration to others.

Hint, hint...others like the families, alumni, and community members who are asked to support CMH's annual Crusader Fund.

Advent Blessings!

Fr. Paul

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Two CMH Graduates are Named Academic All-Americans

In yet another testament to the tremendous student-athlete traditions that are fostered here at CMH, this great news comes to CMH from St. Norbert's College, DePere, WI.

Rachelle Barina, CMH '05, and John Cremer, also CMH '05, have both been named to the first team of the 2008 College Division Academic All-America women's and men's soccer teams as sponsored by the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA) and ESPN: The Magazine.

Congratulations to both Rachelle and John, as well as to the teachers and coaches who helped them while at CMH. CMH Soccer has a great tradition that the entire community can be proud of.

Helping Others Comes Naturally to [CMH] Teen

From the Thanksgiving edition of the Catholic Herald --

Although she's only 16, Ashley Selas is already looking for ways to help others.Her interest in medicine paved the way for Selas of New Berlin to participate last summer in the National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine in Boston. A junior at Catholic Memorial High School in Waukesha, Selas was nominated by school officials to attend the forum. She raised funds to attend the conference and enjoyed meeting similarly minded high school students from across the country.

Once again, another great CMH student gets recognized for Caritas in Omnibus.

Be sure to keep track of the latest news and announcements (or enter Edline) through the new and improved CMH website -- http://www.catholicmemorial.net/

Have a great Advent!

Fr. Paul

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

CMH Rectory Renovation Underway

photo by Kevin Harnack/Waukesha Freeman
From page 1, above the fold, CMH head looks to strengthen commitment to the school . It is always nice to see positive developments on the front page.
As I noted in the December newsletter to CMH families, while there has been a great response of people stepping up to offer services for the Rectory Renovation, there is still more to be hoped for. We need to keep actual costs to the school as low as possible. Some big areas of need remain -- plumbing, roofing, and flooring. But, if there is any help you can offer in any area, please don't hesitate to contact Mike Giffhorn, Mike.Giffhorn@cubicdesigns.com .
If you are interested in more detail, when the CMH Board of Directors considered the Rectory project, a "case statement" was developed. It is attached below. (If you are not interested, just skip over it.)
Advent Blessings to all.
Fr. Paul

Apostolic Center

In the last decades, Catholic and Protestant Churches have procured the term “rectory” to mean simply the house provided by a parish in which its minister would live. It would from the word’s deeper meaning that we think of a notion of the compensation provided to the leader of the parish community being given in such a way that the priest would be more present, more identifiable, and more integrated into the community over which he had pastoral care. Intuitively, the sign value of a rectory was known to reflect hands on leadership and constancy of effort.

In 1958, when Fr. John Hanley was appointed principal of Catholic Memorial High School he placed great value on the constancy of presence that he, and the other priests assigned to CMH, should have. To that end, he built the present priests’ house, or rectory, on College Avenue, just east of the original school building. That building still stands solidly, adjacent to the upper student parking lot.

Since the last consistent priest residents left nearly eight years ago, the building has served a hodgepodge of office, storage, and transient purposes. In the last twenty years, the building, while structurally solid, has fallen into disrepair. Additionally, looking prospectively, its original design for five priests and a live-in housekeeper being niched into small private spaces, is not conducive to the best uses that CMH’s leadership, communal, and pastoral needs demand in this day and age.

An Apostolic House –

Six years ago, shortly after his arrival as Archbishop of Milwaukee, Archbishop Timothy Dolan asked that diocesan priests give more serious consideration to living in somewhat central, common rectories. Not only does this afford the priests some fraternal support, it maximizes the sign value of the priests living in the midst of pastoral communities. Unfortunately, as most rectories were converted into parish centers and office spaces, suitable facilities for Apostolic Houses are few in number.

While the CMH rectory was originally designed to house five priests, a proposed configuration would be for three priests: one serving at CMH as president or chaplain, and two from nearby ministry assignments. On the second floor of the house, two priest suites (a small bedroom, sitting room and private bath) would remain as originally designed. The two remaining suites would become space for a studio-type room with bath, a residents’ gathering area, and an Adoration Chapel suitable for prayer or a priest’s private celebration of mass.

It should be noted that, in conformity to the Archdiocesan Priest Compensation Policies, each resident priest would pay to CMH a monthly rent as fairly set by CMH as landlord. Thus, an apostolic house could mark a revenue stream for the institution.

A Leadership House –

Presently, the first floor of the house consists of a priest’s suite, a housekeeper’s suite, a kitchen and a living room. Notice that, other than what many would call a “breakfast nook” in the kitchen, this house, built for six, has no dining room. Looking into the future, CMH needs a space suitable for sit-down gatherings of eight to twenty alumni, parents, community members, etc. (Yes, that means donors.)

In the proposed re-configuration the first floor of the House would include a formal dining room, an open space living room and renovated kitchen, a library which opens easily into the living room or the dining room and a small guest room with bath. Notably, all of these public rooms will be wired with all of the conference-type audio-visual options. In both the near term, and the long-term, these spaces would be at the disposal of the resident priests to coordinate meeting or presentation offerings to CMH community and stakeholder groups.

A Community House –

In the original design of the House, the one intentionally public space was the lower level “rec room”. A blonde-paneled space reflective of its day, Fr. Hanley is known to have often said that it was in that space that the funds for the south building of the school and the Weber Gym were raised. It was also the space were the priests of the school often hosted the school’s faculty (or other groups) socially. In this way, CMH became a community of family and friends, and not simply a place of educational business.

The proposed renovations of the House do not change this space significantly other than to perform the required asbestos abatement and some updating of utilities and appliances.

A Community Project –

If efforts to bring the Apostolic Center to fruition were pursued as a fully contracted construction project, costs could run to approximately $140,000. Given the times we live in, many would have bona fide reasons to question such a direct outlay of CMH’s somewhat limited resources. But, given the short and long-terms benefits of the project, a community investment in this project can take many forms.

Presently, members of the CMH Board’s Facilities Committee are exploring the possibilities of in-kind donations of professional and trade skills (i.e. carpentry, electric, plumbing, masonry, etc.) as well as supplies. Plans are being developed for volunteer coordination and performance of many tasks (i.e. demolition, interior design, painting, cleaning, etc.).

Looking Forward –

CMH has many needs before it these days, and a mere house for the priest should not take precedence over many other worthy efforts when it comes to significant cash outlays. But, given the many benefits that could flow from the proper use of this building, encouragement of grass-roots, volunteer efforts, exploration of in-kind and donated services, and the investment of significant community enthusiasm will make this a very forward looking project where success builds on effort, and effort builds on optimism for CMH’s future.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

CMH on the Cutting Edge

CMH offers over 40 athletic teams and dozens of extra curricular clubs, activities and service groups.
CMH offers the only high school, varisty Fencing team in the state of Wisconsin. Read more about it!
There need never be a dull moment for a student at CMH.

Welcome to the CMH Blogosphere.

Hello all!

Well, I have finally reached the 21st Century. In an effort to better connect Catholic Memorial High School (CMH) to its community of students, parents and alumni, not only have I started this Blog, but low and behold, I also followed the kids advice and set up a Facebook account. (I still have to figure that out.)

Here are some news items about the great outreach work that our CMH student are performing --

Last week our kids delivered more a ton and a half of collected food, as well as over $1200 to assist with perishables for families in need on Thanksgiving.

Only two days later, 150 members of our Campus Ministry Service Club and other volunteers, offered a Thanksgiving meal to the poor, elderly, and lonely of the Waukesha area.

Thanks to all of our great young people who truly put into action our school's motto, Caritas in Omnibus (Charity in All Things).

Advent Blessings to you all!

Fr. Paul Hartmann